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"Whether this is choreography, land art, social investigation, anthropology, voyeurism or simply an experiment of the interaction of space, time and body, remains ambiguous and specific to personal interpretation. The seminal factor of this experiment is that it occurs." 

This research lab has been designed for both dancers and non dancers, and functions as a collaborative interdisciplinary forum in which all involved can research the physical impact of public urban space, in both regenerated and non regenerated contexts. The body in this manner becomes a vessel and social apparatus which can explore both codified patterns of spatial use and cultivate unique counter expressions to these findings through unique choreographic interventions.

The body in the context of this research becomes both tool and stimulus, becoming both subject and object of review. 

This project has explored various locations, from the Tate Modern, the Barbrican, The National Gallery, Deptford Docks, London Bridge, Lee Valley Regional Park, Brighton Jubilee Square, local colleges in London, Liverpool Street Station, Brighton Beach, The Down ( Sussex), Oxford street. The locations each form a unique response which is generated by the participant and lends further understanding as to how the spaces are used and potential re-visioning as to the potential of the space to become 'embodied place.'

Participation within Practising Space Lab varies from observation, to performance and reflection. All participants have worked from a score which details ideas as to how to approach and enter the space; this then generates a series of movements which are consolidated into a place specific movement vocabulary. 

If you are interested to participate; please send a short bio about yourself and practice to urbanresearchforum@googlemail.com

Practising Space is a site specific performance research lab and welcomes applications at any time; most workshops happen on site; with reflection seminars at Jerwood Space on a quarterly basis. The lab is open to all disciplines and all ages, remote collaboration is also welcome. 


Current Participant | Contributors

 This study is strongly reliant on participation; the people who take part in Practising Space enable it to form and develop as a research lab. 

The following people have taken part at this stage: 

Amy Spencer | Photographer and researcher| Goldsmiths sociology and MA Photography and Urban Cultures

Anne-Gaelle Thiriot |Dancer and researcher | http://annegaellethiriot.tumblr.com/ 

Anne Fernandez De Paco | Visual and Film Artist | www.annafernandezdepaco.com

Beatriz Veliz | Sociologist and researcher | http://www.gold.ac.uk/cucr/staff/argueta/

Benjamin Bailey | Multidisciplinary Arts Practionner and Cultural Consultant

Camilla Mello | Visual artist  Porto Alegre | www.corpoliquido.wordpress.com

Darja Reznikova | Dance and Musical Theatre Laban | http://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/transitions-dance-company/promoters-area.aspx

Dr Bob Jarvis | Planning and Choreographic research| http://anglo-romanian-urbanism.ning.com/ | https://phonebook.lsbu.ac.uk/php5/person.php?name=jarvis.b

Hulya Baytar | Dancer / Yogi / Visual Artist.

Ivana Peranic| Theatre practitioner and Performing artist Croatia | http://www.flickr.com/photos/ivana_peranic/

Joanna Jadczak | Town Planning MA LSBU

Linda Remahl | Freelance video artist and performer | http://www.lindaremahl.com/

Martha Rousell | Freelance musician | http://www.myspace.com/martharosemusic

Nina Feldman |  MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths| http://www.containsfat.com/p/shows.html

Petra Soor | Freelance performer and dance maker | http://thebigdancewalk.blogspot.com/

Rachel Champion | Freelance performer | http://www.yaelkaravan.com/news.html

Sarah Gray| Theatre and performance making| Dartington College of Arts

Sophie Arstall | http://www.midnightorange.co.uk/biographies.html

Sylvia Babke | Goldsmiths; MA in Photography and Urban studies

Laura Erwin | Dance Artist | Middlesex and MA LSCD

Christine Borch | Free lance Dance Artist | www.christineborch.com

CODA Dance | www.codadance.com

Tamar Daly | http://tamardaly.wordpress.com/

Zaira La Ragione | Photography and Urban Cultures MA  Goldsmiths | http://www.flickr.com/photos/zairalaragione/