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The body in the city acts as vessel; to carry, contain and interact; forming routes and navigations through the immediacies of its encounter. The body in the city becomes a means to extend the discourses of the mind and architecture to a frontal physical plane. The experience of the body as it moves through its decided and undecided routes of the complex labyrinth becomes synthesis; forming in such modes of encounter a reflection as to the physical landscape it temporally habits.


Beatrice is an urban space creative facilitator, choreographer and researcher. She utilises key concepts of choreography and visual arts methodologies with the intention to develop, original doctoral research on the connections between choreography and urban cultures. Her practice merges essential techniques in a sociological framework of critical perspectives. Beatrice is currently a visiting lecturer at various town planning and architecture departments in London developing a platform for the conceptual and physical integration of urban planning, sociology and choreography leading to practical social creative implementation. Beatrice is keen to create platforms social interaction using urban wastelands and reflections on urban habitation as a creative resource.

Beatrice has recently initiated a new urban forum: Urban Research Forum for artists, architects, urban designers, cultural researchers, sociologists, anthropologists and all with an urban interest. This is conducted through seminars, workshops, performances and exhibitions. Collaboration, discourse and intellectual inquiry are seminal to this concept. The city of London will effectively be a live laboratory for social and spatial research of urban space use developing from this research innovative and interactive future space use programs through creativity

Beatrice is affiliated to Ulster University.

(  Dartington College of Arts 2005-8 Choreography and Visual Arts BA hons First Class, MA Goldmiths, Centre of Community and Urban research, PhD, Ulster; Architecture and Art and Design)

Contact Beatrice on +44 (0) 7790 149647
Email: urbanresearchforum@googlemail.com